Part 6 — In-Licensing Pharmaceutical Products: Due Diligence Can Help You Perform a Technology Transfer Successfully

Posted by Norm Fong

Technology Transfer: Want To Get It Right?

[Editor’s note: Success in contract pharmaceutical manufacturing hinges on several critical factors, but chief among them is getting technology transfer right. This is part 6 of an in-depth, multi-part series on tech transfer.  Visit our blog page to view additional segments.]


Topics: due diligence, excipients, development reports, in-licensing, API, complaint history, USP standard

Decision Time: Selecting a CMO Partner with Confidence

Posted by David Watt

If you are like most managers responsible for green-lighting a CMO partnership, making the decision to choose one supplier over another can be career changing. Making these decisions confidently depends on how well the selection process narrows the field of prospects to a manageable group of strong contenders.


Topics: RFP, due diligence, CMO Partner