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ANI Global Source is a culture of INTEGRETY

Facilities & Equipment: Oakville, Ontario


  • Two Facilities with a combined footprint of over 110,000 ft2 including administrative, lab, manufacturing, packaging and warehouse space.
  • FDA inspected & DEA licenses for C2-C5 compounds
  • Expanded low-humidity room in our potent handling facility & upgraded C2 & C3 vault space
  • Ability to expand footprint

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Manufacturing Focus

  • Rx solutions, suspensions, liquid unit dose, powder, tablets, and capsules
  • Potent Compounds 
  • DEA Controlled Substances
  • Serialization-ready
  • Unit Dose liquid filling


  • Tablets ~2.5 billion doses/yr
  • Capsules ~150 million doses/yr
  • Solid Dose ~1.2 billion doses/yr
  • Liquids ~53 million bottles/yr
  • Liquid Unit Dose ~23 million doses/yr
  • Powder ~12 million bottles/yr

Facilities & Equipment
Specialized Product  Manufacturing Capabilities
Manufacturing & Packaging
Analytical Services
Formulation Development
Technology Transfer